The Courage to Quit

We’ve all been there before – staring out the window wondering if the grass is greener on the other side; dreaming of the possibilities wrapped in a new beginning. It’s simply human nature to fantasize about a better opportunity when the going gets tough in our current ones; to wish upon a star for a better tomorrow.

I know I have.

In fact, I’m a pro at it – daydreaming about new starts, Plan B’s, backdoors, and envisioning endless green pastures. The only thing my fate may actually be sealed in is faith and marriage. Everything else is fair game. Yet it’s that perspective – the one that wishes upon the star of endless possibilities – that has fueled the very hope and optimism that has moved me through much of my life’s adversities.… Read More...

Harvest Time – Reaping the Fruits of Effort

Harvest Time - Reaping the Fruits of Your Efforts

Just recently, I had the opportunity to travel to a select farm in Naples, Idaho. I can honestly say that I never in my earlier life had Idaho on the bucket list, but there I were for a week taking in all the farm and surrounding mountains had to offer.

In the midst of it all, I couldn’t help but find myself in awe of how the moment came to be. I thought of how fortunate I was, yet, in a humble sort of way, thought of how deserving I was too. I didn’t just stumble about being there as if my car had broken down. It was a trip that we had planned – one that became a Christmas gift to me three years after we cast the goal to send me; one that we worked our butts off to be able to afford the opportunity.… Read More...

Obstacles, Persistence, and Forging Ahead

Obstacles, Persistence, and Forging Ahead

A trip to the ER.

A stay in the PICU.

A new baby.

A new job.

I think all the above qualify for significant life events, if not at least a dead stop on the tracks for a short while. They bring about pauses – maybe suddenly, maybe a time to reflect, a time to make decisions, or a time to celebrate. They come about periodically, perhaps in a season – or if your life parallels mine – then perhaps all in a matter of days.

I recall earlier last year that my oldest daughter had gone to the ER on a Wednesday night. After one failed diagnosis, another trip on Thursday turned into an overnight stay for observation through Friday evening. Overall, this ended up being a minor health scare, but still stressful considering that nothing is as humbling as sitting with your child in the hospital surrounded by unknowns and having zero control.… Read More...

A Restored Life – How I Quit Drinking

A Restored Life - How I Quit Drinking

Some time back, I wrote a post on why I quit drinking. To date, it’s been my most read post for the very reason that I wrote it. I knew that I wasn’t the only one struggling to let go of something that I initially felt was completely harmless; something that was legal, innocent, and okay because “I wasn’t bothering anybody.”

I knew it would impact people . . . and it did.

At the same time, I never really expanded on the details of how I let go and have continued to remain sober for nearly two-and-a-half years now. Because of that slight omission, my inbox was filled in the following days – some with words of appreciation, but mostly questions about how I did it more so than why.Read More...

To the Recovering Addict . . . I Applaud You

To the Recovering Addict . . . I Applaud You

I was blessed recently by the opportunity to sit among recovering addicts at an NA meeting. Despite my own experience with drugs and a previous heroin addiction, this was the first formal meeting I’d ever willfully attended.

In my teenage years, I was required to attend group counseling by my probation officer. In prison, I had to attend meetings for the reward of a good time reduction in my sentence. Once or twice afterward, I attended AA or Celebrate Recovery, but only amidst indirect pressure from my wife to quit drinking.

All in all, anything I ever attended was a matter of someone else’s urging and not of my own doing. This time around, I attended in support of a friend who’s well down the path of his own recovery.… Read More...

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