Farewell . . . For Now

This is my last post . . .

Those are bittersweet words to type, but with good reason. It saddens me a bit considering who I was when I began this blogging journey. I’m almost two years into it from the start of brain dumping and design; almost a year into it from the timing of my first post. Yet, truth be told, a lot transpires over two years; circumstances and people change.

If you’re fortunate, like myself, then they do so for the better. New opportunities present themselves. Ideas and passions progress. New doors open. God reveals to you just a few more steps on the path he’s laid in front of you.

The humor in this to me is that my last post, Courage to Quit, was an effort to relay my experiences to others so that they may see that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel if they choose to pursue it; that maybe the grass on the other side is greener if you just hop the fence. I had no idea I was writing those words to myself though. For in them, I finally felt freed to do just what I’m doing now – respond to the urging on my heart.

While writing a post last week geared towards Valentine’s Day, I felt empty, blocked, and somewhat sad. My experience has taught me that when I’m in that place in life, it’s because I’m in the wrong place altogether. I’ve learned that intuition is God’s nudging and frustration is generally when I resist it.… Read More...

The Courage to Quit

We’ve all been there before – staring out the window wondering if the grass is greener on the other side; dreaming of the possibilities wrapped in a new beginning. It’s simply human nature to fantasize about a better opportunity when the going gets tough in our current ones; to wish upon a star for a better tomorrow.

I know I have.

In fact, I’m a pro at it – daydreaming about new starts, Plan B’s, backdoors, and envisioning endless green pastures. The only thing my fate may actually be sealed in is faith and marriage. Everything else is fair game. Yet it’s that perspective – the one that wishes upon the star of endless possibilities – that has fueled the very hope and optimism that has moved me through much of my life’s adversities.

But at what point should hope cease and reality begin? When do we accept that optimism as intuition? When is that daydream actually a call to action?

What happens when life leads us to that path of a new endeavor; one that means we abandon the current one? What happens when we’re meant to flat out quit on what we’re involved in, who we’re involved with, or where we’re involved at? When do we transition from bad choices to good ones? When do we move from good ones to great ones?

Intuition brings with it an ultimatum. And within it is the need for courage to move in an entirely new direction.

I’ve stared down the rabbit hole of change many times and write frequently about some of the more obviously needed changes on this blog.… Read More...

Harvest Time – Reaping the Fruits of Effort

Just recently, I had the opportunity to travel to a select farm in Naples, Idaho. I can honestly say that I never in my earlier life had Idaho on the bucket list, but there I were for a week taking in all the farm and surrounding mountains had to offer.

In the midst of it all, I couldn’t help but find myself in awe of how the moment came to be. I thought of how fortunate I was, yet, in a humble sort of way, thought of how deserving I was too. I didn’t just stumble about being there as if my car had broken down. It was a trip that we had planned – one that became a Christmas gift to me three years after we cast the goal to send me; one that we worked our butts off to be able to afford the opportunity.

In the literal sense, I was there to harvest trees. Yet, in the sense of universal laws, I was reaping and harvesting the fruits of our labor.

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy writing – hence this blog! Likewise, anyone who knows my wife knows that she is equally, if not more so, passionate about essential oils – and since 2014 has been affiliated in business with a company called Young Living. It’s this passion of hers and the opportunity that Young Living has provided that has enabled us to harvest the seeds of many of our dreams. But this hasn’t come without work and sacrifice on both our behalves.… Read More...

Obstacles, Persistence, and Forging Ahead

A trip to the ER.

A stay in the PICU.

A new baby.

A new job.

I think all the above qualify for significant life events, if not at least a dead stop on the tracks for a short while. They bring about pauses – maybe suddenly, maybe a time to reflect, a time to make decisions, or a time to celebrate. They come about periodically, perhaps in a season – or if your life parallels mine – then perhaps all in a matter of days.

I recall earlier last year that my oldest daughter had gone to the ER on a Wednesday night. After one failed diagnosis, another trip on Thursday turned into an overnight stay for observation through Friday evening. Overall, this ended up being a minor health scare, but still stressful considering that nothing is as humbling as sitting with your child in the hospital surrounded by unknowns and having zero control.

During our stay, while also stressing about my insane insurance deductible, a chance to interview came in for a company that offered a better opportunity and benefits package. I was intrigued but further stressed by the decision. Shout out to God on the timing, but good stress is still stress!

Saturday morning, about twelve hours after getting my oldest daughter home, my super-pregnant wife wakes me to tells me its go-time! That day, our fourth daughter is born.

Great news; major event; more stress.

We brought our daughter home Monday. I interviewed for the new job on Tuesday.… Read More...