Hating Hatred – My Vow Against Racism

Hating Hatred - My Vow Against Racism

I’m torn again – before I even write the first words. Our country’s seen another senseless tragedy right before it’s eye’s and here we go – debating, defending, and dividing.

I see the news feed and I want to keep scrolling – but the headlines are inescapable; the comments are inevitable; and slowly but surely, I feel pulled in against my will. I try and look for understanding – to make sense; to help calm my nerves – but it never happens. Instead, I find myself all the angrier with our world, fearful of our future, and worried for my children.

I end up frustrated – a breath away from an anxiety attack – and I slowly back away . . . as if it never happened .… Read More...

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Exceeding Minimum Standards – Higher Expectations for Fathers

Strong Fathers or Weak Examples

How great is great if there are no standards?

How do we know how good we can be if we have nothing to improve on?

How do we know what to build without any blueprints?

How do I follow an example that never existed?

Without much guidance early on, I had three goals in life – to finish high school, to never smoke cigarettes, and to have a normal family life – all of which were a matter of not wanting to follow the wrong example more so than watching the right ones.

Finishing high school only had to do with being the first in my home to do so . . . that whole “outdo your parents” complex.

Never smoking stemmed from despising the smoke-stained bingo-hall replicated walls of my grandparents’ home.… Read More...

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Quiet Destruction – Why I Quit Drinking

Why I Quit Drinking

Drinking, to me, may be the greatest, and yet, quietest destruction ruining our families and communities.

It just took me ten years of binge drinking to realize it.

At the moment, I’m just over two years out from my last beer – having gone out in a celebratory bang in July of 2015. My last hurrah was a six-pack of Southern Tier 2X Double IPA, a four-pack of DogFish Head 90-minute IPA, and a couple tall 22-oz. Sierra Nevada Torpedo’s.

IPA’s or bust baby! Although, that night, I made sure to finish off my wife’s girly Pilsner’s too!

The quantity above was consumed on a Sunday night. Any weekend night other than that was practically the same give or take a few.

If ten to twelve beers doesn’t seem like much, I’d encourage you to look up the ABV of the three I named above.… Read More...

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Who We Are Today – Embracing Maturity in Marriage

Who We Are Today - Embracing Maturity in Marriage

In youth, we desire adulting. In age, we desire youth. In both, we miss out on what we have because our focus is on the have-nots instead of living with a present heart.

As much can be said for marriage, where our focus can sometimes drift from the couple we’ve become to a place of who we once were in the naive land of puppy love.

We miss out on what we have by focusing on what we had.

It’s not entirely our faults. Everything we planned becomes overshadowed by the things no one told us about. The rule book on marriage is lost in the mail right along with the ones on parenting. Life becomes one big mess of figure-it-out interruptions and we easily get caught up in the wishful thinking of our yesterdays.… Read More...

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Conscious Influence – Choosing Purpose over Opinions

Conscious Influence - Choosing Purpose over Opinions

No matter what our role in life, we all have the power to influence others. But I wonder how many people understand how easy it is to do more harm than good from the platform in which life has led them.

Consider the role people have trusted you with to influence their lives for the better.

Are you a business owner, preacher, school board member, or Little League coach?

Perhaps you’re a teacher, the neighborhood sage, or a wise old writer.

Or, maybe, just being known as a mother or father suits you just fine.

Whichever it is, chances are that the role you hold within your community is one you’ve proudly developed. Years of experience has built your reputation and people see you as the authority in their life for that role.… Read More...

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